Current Lead Time : 4-6 Weeks


Q: What are your current lead times?

Our Current lead time is 3-4 weeks. All holsters are hand crafted one at a time! We appreciate your understanding!

Q: Do you offer a Warranty?

Yes we do. Please refer to our Warranty/Returns/Cancellations page located at the bottom of our website. 

Q: What is a Sweatguard?

A sweat guard is the part of the holster that lies against the body when wearing. On a full sweat guard option the material goes all the way up the slide of the firearm, giving the gun the most protection from sweat and corrosion. On the half sweat guard the material will only come up slightly on the slide of the firearm. The benefit for the half sweat guard is the user will have the ability to load and unload with the gun secure in the holster.

Q: Will my holster look EXACTLY like the one in the photo? 

No, but it will look very similar. Due to the nature of hand made items, no two products will look exactly the same.

Q: Do you offer any Military/LEO discounts?

Absolutely. We offer a 10% discount for all police, military and first responders! Please email us a proof of credentials (ID, badge, etc.) to apply!

Q: Are Wingman Holsters handmade?

Yes, every holster is carefully hand made, one at a time, from start to finish!

Q: Can my firearm fit a holster designed for a different firearm? 

No. Each holster is molded to the exact form of that particular firearm.

Q: How does the "WING" work?

Adding this feature is a great way to reduce printing. It is designed to mount below the trigger guard, using pressure from your belt to pull the pistol grip closer to your body. A must for bigger guns but also helps smaller guns be even more concealable than before! **Concealment Wing is NOT compatible with the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380**