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Wingman Mod.1 and Mod.2 Belt Clip (Tuckable)

Wingman Holsters

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**This product has been replaced with the new Griphook found here.**

Injection molded and are designed to easily snap over even thick gun belts.  They hold very secure on the belt, arguably the best overhook design on the market, yet they easily release when you need to remove them. 

1.5" Sold Individually.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John M.
Great quality, value and flexible functionality

This is an all-around great holster. I like that the holster is designed with a minimum footprint. This allows maximum flexibility regards locating the holster’s “clock” position. The Kydex material is a proper thickness so when under the stress of compression it does not deform. Excellent detail work was done on buffing all the edges smooth which is very important when using the appendix positions. An added feature is the flexibility to use either the Fabriclip or the belt clip. The Fabriclip opens up pant-type options for un-tucked use. I find the belt clip and wing configuration works best for belted and tucked-in use.

The one difficulty I had was getting the desired draw release tension with the clip/wing configuration. The screws provided for this configuration are 1” long. To obtain the desired tension I had to tighten the screws to the point they protruded on the body-side and could snag garments and scratch flesh. The other screws provided were too short so I had to source screws of the same thread size but 3/4th inch long. That took care of the tension issue. Whichever configuration of clip used, take care to ensure the two screws are evenly torque down so the clip is not stressed.

One addition I’d recommend (besides including 3/4ths inch screws) is to include a J-hook clip option to maximize stealth. Compact, single-stack platforms don’t require a full-surround type clip.

Apologies for the lengthy response and thanks for building a great product.

Mike H.
I love it

Love my Mod.1 holster for my M&P Shield! The wing makes it really sit nice.

Mike H.
Wayyyyy better than expected

Ive tried many IWB style clips and this one is by far the best ive used. I ordered a Wingman Mod. 2 holster and love it for my Glock 19 but i ordered this for an old Glockv43 holster i had with the additional hardware and it's great. I will be upgrading to a Wingman for my G43 very soon. Super high quality products guys!

Brittney F.
Not for me

The clip made my holster sit too deep and the clip struggled to clip down over a belt.